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Tips to Hire Full-time or Part-time Housemaids

Tips to hire Full-time or Part-time Housemaids, Home Nurses, and Caretakers

One of the easiest ways to hire housemaids, home nurses, and caretakers in Chennai, India is to hire one from a reference. People usually ask their next-door neighbour, close friends, and family to refer someone they know personally.

The reason for this is that trust in our minds is of the greatest importance

When hiring housemaids, home nurses, and caretakers we feel hiring from recommendations makes the candidate trustworthy. But, in the current trend, it’s impossible. No one will take accountability if something untoward happens with you, connecting your house help. We have to ourselves take all the responsibility for our protection and the safety of our loved ones.

Your thought would be “It is “my Family” who will be affected, so I should take all steps to stay secure in choosing the right person.” Zeali made this much easier for you by making a single call. We will do the Criminal background check, Address Check through a visit to the home of the Helper, or the document verification.

Another problem with asking a watchman or a driver etc., for reference is that as soon as they get to know of a possible opening they can become a middle-men, and ask the Maids for some monetary or physical favors. That can result in unnecessary issues.

Use an online portal like, which has an updated database of helpers, home nurses, and caretakers with their verified documents. You get many added advantages: Choosing a maid near you, in a secure, cost-effective means, with soft skills training. You also get some exciting offers on few sites on their services.

Another way people hire is through a regional agency. This is usually when you want to hire a full day or live-in caretaker because the agency’s pricing is high. They usually have a fixed pay of 10K to 20K.

The advantage that you get when using a trusted agency or online portal is that you get to choose a maid as per your specific need than the one or two options that you get through a recommendation from your neighbour. You can find agencies in daily newspapers or through the internet.

Before contacting any agency,

  1. Think whether you are ready for that kind of investment, or would you hire from somewhere else and pay this amount to Maid directly.
  2. Check the background of the agency since there are many flies by night operators in this field.

Get in touch with us, to access our caring services custom-made for Chennai citizens and choose Zeali as your trustworthy caring partner.

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