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5 Signs That Tell You To Call An AC Repair Technician Right Away

Our stay at our Chennai home and offices is comfortable, thanks to our AC Unit. When our AC unit goes down, we’ll be left battling the high temperatures and extreme humidity of Chennai. Also, the air may seem hard to breathe if the AC is down in offices that solely rely on the AC unit for the air circulation. Don’t we all want to avoid such a scenario? Watch out for these indications that tell you need an AC Service right away…

Warm Air

This must be a no brainer. Warm air coming out of your vent is an obvious sign that your AC needs a repair. The reason could be that the compressor, the heart of the AC is not doing its job i.e., not cooling the air. Or the unit is left with too little refrigerant.

Poor Air Flow

If you fell the air coming out of the vent is weakened or ceased altogether, then the air won’t circulate properly to cool the room. The reason might again be the reduced performance of the compressor or there might be a problem with the air duct or the filters.

Odd Sounds

Your AC unit shouldn’t make any noise except the constant hum when the compressor is running and the flow of air from the vents. These are the common odd sounds you may face in your AC unit,

Clicking Sound From Outside – Obstruction in Fan Blade path
Clicking Sound From Inside – Maybe an Electrical Issue in the Wiring (Serious Problem)

Squealing Noises – Belt Problem
Metal Screening Sounds – Ball Bearing Problem

Bad Odour

Rarely at times you may sense unusual odour coming from your AC. This may be because of multiple reasons; one common reason is a damage in the electrical wiring. This a very major hazard. So, you must schedule a AC Service right away.

Escalating Utility Bills

Higher utility bills often indicate that one of your appliances is putting in extra effort to get the work done. In India, the leading cause is usually leaking air conditioners. But it is usually advisable to call your technician and inspect all major appliances for any leak or clog.

If you face any of the above indications call Zeali, a one-stop service provider for all your residential and commercial/ industrial maintenance needs in Chennai.

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