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Shoutout to Chennaites! Switch to Home Cooked Meal Services

Love “Veetu Saapadu?” Who doesn’t? Now, for anyone who craves home-cooked food in and around Chennai, your search ends here. You can get it delivered to their house by just a call to Zeali. And Zeali will take care of the rest, with its large home-cooked food network which has a community of talented home chefs and well-documented kitchens all around Chennai.

Cannot find time to cook? Or you got not-so-great cooking skills? Zeali’s home-cooked meal service is an excellent alternative that will help you satisfy your food craving and also help you stay healthy. Our meals are fresh and hygienic and are timely delivered right to your doorstep.

Here are the 5 reasons why should switch to our home meals service immediately

Avoid Leaving the House

Whether it’s because of the pandemic or time constraints or the Chennai weather, it’s always nice to order ready-made food at your home. In these days of global pandemic and lockdown, home-cooked meals make perfect sense.

Save Time

Entrusting your meal preparations to someone else can save you a significant amount of time. Through Zeali, you can order breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also other custom requirements. As a result, you not only save the time spent in the kitchen but also the amount of time that goes into finding ideas what to cook for every meal and shopping for the ingredients.

Discover New Dishes

We do not try unfamiliar ingredients or dishes when cooking for ourselves and our loved ones. To save time, we often turn to our familiar recipes. Ordering from Zeali’s home-cooked meals lets you consult the menu and try out something new. Zeali has very creative and bold chefs in its community of home chefs. The dishes offered by these chefs are of the same caliber as those offered in restaurants, often at a very reasonable price and very much fresh ingredients. This allows you to try out obscure dishes all month.

Support a Local business

When you order a home-cooked meal, you are encouraging job creation. These home chefs are passionate about food and want to share their love for cooking. They adhere to principles such as respect to the kitchen, using fresh, first-rate products.

Healthier Lifestyle

Ordering from restaurants and fast foods takes a heavy toll on our health, and also it comes with a hefty tag. Home chefs make food at a small scale unlike restaurants thus making sure the veggies are fresh and well washed before cooking. Also, use superior spies and oil, and most importantly all meals are cooked with lots of love.

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