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5 Quintessential Tips to Consider Before Moving The Furniture

In addition to using furniture carefully, it is necessary to manage it thoughtfully. Secure handling and moving of furniture start with a basic knowledge of how a piece is created. The second level is to plan thoroughly.

Understand The Make of The Furniture

Before shifting the furniture, discover how it is put together and if any parts are removable. Guess the right points where the furniture is more sturdy to lift. Most of the furniture is stable horizontally.

Dismantle The Drawers Before Moving

If the body is sturdy enough, remove all drawers to reduce the weight and to move easier. Take the drawers individually to the destination. Never lift a heavy piece like a chest draw or Bookcase by the cornice at the top. The top piece would have been just attached by the glue.

Always Pick The Furniture From The Side Frame

While lifting a chair, choose to lift the seat first not the backrest. Regularly lifting by the back, especially the rail, will ultimately result in breakage. When lifting a bigger chair or sofa, the principles are the same. Grab underneath the side column, making sure to lift with your legs rather than back. For upholstered chairs or sofas, place your hands underneath the frame to avoid brushing the upholstery. If upholstery must be moved, use cotton gloves.

A Case Section Requires a Minimum of 2 People for Relocating

The most solid part of a table is usually the apron. Always, lift the table correctly from the apron, never by the top or legs. Lifting the legs or the top will result in breakage. Make sure you have a minimum of two people to move the case piece so that one can hold from each side.

Identify The New Place of Furniture Beforehand

Decide on the final destination of the furniture and then move it. Check the weather before moving the furniture. Significant changes in temperature and humidity can cause the cracking of joints and surfaces.

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